Country Briefing Request

The Office of Regional and World Locations stands ready to assist FIU faculty and staff on business travel (conferences, field work, recruitment, teaching abroad, etc.) and offers the service to provide a country briefing relevant to your travel destination as it relates to FIU. The selection of data you will receive will include the following (if applicable):

  • Overview of institutions in country X with which FIU has current and historic agreements
  • Number of currently enrolled international students studying at FIU from country X
  • Number of FIU applications/admissions/enrollments by international students from country X
  • FIU Study Abroad programs and exchange partners in country X
  • Number of faculty at FIU from country X

Make sure to request your country briefing well in advance of your travel date. You should hear from us within five business days’ time. Simply follow this Qualtrics link and fill out the request form:

We wish you safe (and well-informed) travels!