Global Partners

Huike Education Technology Group

Huike Education Technology Group Co. Ltd. is a leading online and offline educational company based in Beijing, China. The company was founded by one of FIU’s most successful alumni, Dr. Yechang Fang. Huike Group has a long-term relationship with FIU, especially since 2012 Huike Group has been assisting FIU with enrolling Chinese students in mostly College of Engineering and Computing degrees. Since then, programs with which Huike Group works have extended to include the College of Business, FIU Online, the English Language Institute and most recently the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs. Huike Group represents FIU in China as an officially authorized partner. In the future, with Huike’s more than 1,000 partner universities in China, we expect to have broad collaboration with Chinese universities and engage with students in various fields through the platform that Huike Group provides.