Financial Aid Resources

FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page

A comprehensive Internetguide to financial aid, contains sections pertaining to foreign Students coming to the United States and U.S. students going abroad.

Financial Aid from the U.S. Department of Education

Visit the department’s World Wide Web site available resources. Foundation Center: 1001 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 938, Washington, DC 20036, Telephone: 202-331-1400.

International Students Organization in America

Maintains a useful financial aid web page located at

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund

World Bank Volunteer Services, The World Bank, 1818 “H” St., NW, Room G-1000, Washington, DC 20433, Telephone: 202-473-8751, Fax: 202-676-0419 Eligibility:Women only

NAFSA: Association of International Educators

Maintains a useful financial aid web page located at:

Online Directory of Scholarships and Grants

Useful financial aid webpage located at:

Organization of American States

Department of Fellowship and Training Program, Washington, DC 20006, Telephone: (202) 458-3900, Email: For more information visit

PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund

Philanthropic and Educational Organization for Women, 3700 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50312, Telephone: 515-255-3153 Eligibility: Women only; full time candidates for the MA or Ph.D. at U.S. Universities

Peterson’s Education Center on the World Wide Web

Publishes a variety of books and directories, and they are listed on this Web site.

The College Board Online

The College Board’s World Wide site, offers college search, general advice, and ordering information on useful publications.

The National Association of Financial Aid Administrators

Maintains a web page that lists financial resources for international students located at:

The National Science Foundation

Publishes a selected list of fellowships and other support opportunities for Advanced Education for United States Citizens and Foreign Nationals,1993 edition (National Science Foundation). NSF 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA22230, Telephone: 703-306-1234.

The Rowe Fund grants

The Rowe Fund grants, interest-free, loans to citizens from Latin America and the Caribbean for studies in accredited institutions of the U.S. the maximum amount granted is $15,000 per individual. The beneficiary commits to repay the total loan granted as per loan agreement and to return to their home countries to apply their knowledge and training. For more information the Website:

United Nations

Fellowships Section, Office of Technical Cooperation of Development, United Nations, New York, 10017.

World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

The World Bank, 1818 H St., NW, Room G-1000, Washington, DC 20433, Telephone: 202-473-6849 Eligibility: Women only. Candidates for MA or Ph.D. in development related fields.

Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program

Xerox Corporation, Corporate Employment and College Relations, Xerox Square-026, Rochester, NW 14644

Florida Linkage Institutes

A Tuition Assistance Resource for Florida International University’s International Students. To view the pdf, click here.

For a compiled list of other scholarships for international students, click here.


Funding for United States Study: A Guide for International Students and Professionals

With over 500 grant and scholarship listings, Funding for United States Study is the most comprehensive directory on finding funding for study in the United States. An invaluable resource for international students worldwide. Available at