Important Documents & Forms

Welcome to our ISSS F-1/J-1 Student Documents and Services Request Page

Please read all the instructions below very carefully. Identify the document or service that you require, and request it according to the instructions. For some of the services you will need to complete a Document Request Form, for others, you will be able to request them simply by completing a form and submitting it to our office via email. Finally, for many of the immigration-related services (especially practical training), you will need to request them through our ISSS E-Form Portal. Thank you.

Requests that require a Document Request Form

Please read all instructions carefully and submit a completed Document Request Form to the ISSS Office via e-mail to

I-20/DS-2019 Immigration Documents/ Letters and Certifications

  • Travel Signature
  • Visa renewal I-20
  • Program Extension I-20
  • Restart F-1 Status
  • Reinstatement
  • Change of Status to F-1
  • Dependent (Spouse or Child) Visa
  • H-1B CAP-GAP I-20
  • Replacement I-20
  • Change of Major
  • On-Campus Employment Certification
General Requests that do NOT require a Document Request form

For these requests, complete and download the forms below and submit them to 

Reduced Course Load Approval


Please login to the FIU ISSS Panther Portal to upload or request any of the following documents or services by submitting an E-Form.

Immigration Document Upload

  • Copy of F-1 Visa Renewal
  • Copy of Passport Renewal
  • Copy of Most Recent I-94 Form
  • Copy of Pre-Completion OPT EAD Card
  • Copy of Post-Completion OPT EAD Card
  • Copy of STEM OPT Extension EAD Card
  • Copy of Economic Hardship EAD Card

Letters and Certifications

  • F-1 Financial Letter
  • Full-time Enrollment Certification Letter
  • Invitation Letter for Commencement
  • Concurrent Enrollment Approval Request
  • Concurrent Enrollment Final Transcript
  • COVID-19 Authorized Leave of Absence Form


  • Release of SEVIS Record for Transfer Out
  • Transfer Authorization/Transfer In Upload (Use this E-Form to upload document from new school/new program at FIU)

Practical Training Applications (Document Upload)

You MUST schedule and appointment and upload documents BEFORE you meet with an ISSS Advisor. Access the ISSS E-Form Portal and follow instructions. For information on the different steps for any of these applications, visit our CPT, OPT, STEM OPT, or Economic Hardship sections on our website to get a general idea of what you will need to submit to apply.

  • CPT Application
  • Economic Hardship Application
  • Pre-Completion OPT Application
  • Post-Completion OPT Application
  • STEM OPT Extension Application

Practical Training Reporting

  • Pre-Completion OPT Validation
  • Post-Completion OPT Validation
  • STEM OPT Extension Change of Employer
  • STEM OPT Extension 6-month Reporting
  • STEM OPT Extension 12-month Reporting
  • STEM OPT Extension 18-month Reporting
  • STEM OPT Extension 24-month Reporting
  • Report No Longer on OPT or Currently Unemployed
  • Report No Longer on STEM OPT or Currently Unemployed
Additional General Information


ISSS Information Sheets/Other Requests

ISSS J-1 Scholar Forms & Instructions

For information on the  DS-2019 process click here.

Medical Insurance Forms

NOTE: ISSS does NOT clear registration holds or process documents for international students submitting proof of insurance. For insurance enrollment forms, alternate insurance compliance forms and related information you must contact Student Health Services.

Admission-Related Information

NOTE: ISSS does NOT handle any aspect of admissions processing. You must contact the Office of International Admissions to apply or inquire about the status of your admission application.

If you are an Undergraduate or a Graduate prospective student, visit our Prospective F-1 Student Information page to be directed to the appropriate office.

If you are a NON-DEGREE SEEKING student, find the information on our Prospective F-1 Student Information page

At this point, you should have received your acceptance letter and FIU I-20 or DS-2019. If you have not, please contact the Office of International Admissions 

Express Delivery of Documents

Need your I-20 or DS 2019 faster? Need to send important documents to ISSS? Our express mail service option allows you a secure, safe, fast, and easy way to send and receive important documents. In most cases, documents can be delivered to your door step in 3-5 business days.

For more information please visit the Express Delivery of Documents page.