Global Peer Mentor Program

Global Peer Mentor Program

New Students:

Welcome to FIU!  As a new international student you probably have lots of questions, not just about your immigration status but about FIU, where to go for what, how to get involved on campus, how to meet new people and perhaps other issues you may have as you adjust to life in the U.S. and in Miami.  If you would like some help from another FIU student who can answer your general questions, you may contact one of our Global Peer Mentors . If you feel you will need additional assistance, you may also request that a Global Peer Mentor be formally assigned to you by the ISSS office so you can meet with him or her to discuss your concerns. International Peer Mentors can:

  • Answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate campus or community resources where your concerns may be addressed
  • Help you become more involved on campus by sharing their knowledge of events, activities, and student organizations
  • Serve as a liaison between new international students and the ISSS office, providing feedback to us on how we can assist students more effectively
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Hello Modesto Maidique Campus Peer Mentors 2018-2019!

Name: Aashiya Kolengaden
Degree: Bachelor’s
Program: Biomedical Engineering
Home Country: Mumbai, India
More about me! I enjoy reading, watching indie films, traveling, and seafood. I can speak several languages, and I’m always looking for new ways to expand my horizons.

Name: Monserrat Otarola
Degree: Bachelor’s
Program: Biomedical Engineering
Home Country: Mexico and Peru
More about me! I am a Mexican-Peruvian Biomedical Engineering Student at FIU. I love to learn about different cultures and enjoy listening to Rock music and doing folkloric dances.

Name: Ludmyla Santos Tavares
Degree: Bachelor’s
Program: Forensic Chemistry 
Home Country: Brazil
More about me! I’m currently doing my PhD in Forensic Chemistry. I like doing all sort of things from going out to dance and drink to reading fantasy books.

Name: Marine Gharzaryan
Degree: Bachelor’s
Program: International Business and Psychology
Home Country: Armenia
More about me! I’m vegetarian and I love to practice yoga!

Name: Rosario Mayta-Villegas
Degree: Bachelor’s
Program: Chemistry
Home Country: Peru
More about me! I’m currently a junior at FIU, studying chemistry as I have always loved sciences. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. What I miss most about my home country is the food and my family! I love baking and coming up with crazy new recipes. I also love to go to concerts and having the time of my life!

Name: Xu Li
Degree: Master’s
Program: Computer Science
Home Country: China
More about me! I like swimming, hiking, and basketball!

Name: Oyindamola Oalabi
Degree: Bachelor’s
Program: Information Technology
Home Country: Nigeria
More about me! I am from Lagos, Nigeria. My major is Information Technology and I am also a Web Designer. I enjoy writing code and playing Rugby.
Name: Jo’Neil Williams
Degree: Bachelor’s
Program: Biology
Home Country: St. Lucia
More about me! Hello everyone! I am currently pursuing a degree in biology which is only a stepping stone to a career as a Fertility Specialist. I’m an absolute foodie and love trying out new restaurants in South Florida when I’m not buried under research or homework.
Hello Biscayne Bay Campus Peer Mentors 2018-2019!

These are our former Global Peer Mentors…new and updated list and photos coming up!

Fiorella Botta

Name: Fiorella Botta
Home Country: Colombia
Major: Hospitality
Fun Facts: Loves Miami Nightlife, has been to over 36 U.S. States

Shichao Chen

Name: Shichao Chen
Home Country: China
Major: Hospitality
Fun Facts: Likes Anime, Thai Food, Seafood & French culture

Francis Medina

Name: Francis Medina
Home Country: Venezuela
Major: Advertising
Fun Facts: Vegetarian, speaks some Portuguese, loves turtle watching

Stephany Rios

Name: Stephany Rios
Home Country: Brazil
Major: International Business
Fun Facts: Vegetarian, plays piano and volleyball