Prospective F-1 Students

International Student Admissions

If you are interested in pursuing a degree at FIU, your first stop should be with the Office of Admissions. Please note that ISSS does not handle any admissions procedures for international students.

Some Tips on the University Application Process

Submit your applications and documents before the deadline. The University receives thousands of applications each year, so we must establish and maintain application deadlines. If your application materials do not arrive by the deadline, your application cannot be processed for the semester you request.

Application Deadlines

– Feb. 1, for Summer Semester
– April 1, for Fall Semester
– September 1, for Spring Semester

Immigration Information

Photograph of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo.

If you have been accepted to the University and will be coming from abroad, you should enter the U.S. using an F-1 visa, which may be obtained at a U.S. consular post in your home country.

You must NOT enter the United States using a B1/B2 visa (Tourist Visa) or a “Visa Waiver” status if your purpose is to study as a full time student. Persons under these non-immigrant visa categories are not allowed to pursue a course of study or enroll for classes.

Please be aware that educational and living costs are generally higher in the U.S. compared to other nations. When you obtain an F-1 visa and enter the U.S. under an F-1 status, you (and your sponsor(s)) are responsible for funding your studies. International students are not eligible for any federal or state financial aid.

Medical Insurance is required for all International Students.