Academic Internships / Research Abroad

At FIU, providing our students with a Worlds Ahead experience while preparing them for the global market is one of our top priorities. As such, numerous FIU panthers partake in international internship/ research opportunities that are facilitated through Career Services and the students’ academic departments. While we at the Office of Study Abroad do not have internship/research offerings or listings, our responsibility with our students is to help prepare them for the internship/reasearch experience abroad.

Students who are interested in participating in an international internship/research must first meet with their major academic advisor to discuss prospective internship/research opportunities, visit Career Services to discuss the procedure and to then apply for and secure and internship/research, and meet with the Office of Study Abroad to prepare for the internship/research experience abroad. The Office of Study Abroad will provide students with the mandatory insurance coverage, which includes medical, political, and natural disaster evacuation; will register the students with the US Department of State to help ensure their safety while abroad; and will meet with the students to discuss all health and safety matters on the host country prior to the student’s departure.


  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your plans and to learn about how you can receive academic credit for your internship experience.
  • Visit Career Services to discuss next steps in applying for and securing an internship abroad
  • Meet with Ariana Arguello, Program Coordinator of Study Abroad, to discuss your plans and go over the application procedure
  • Submit the online application and all supplemental materials to the OSA, including the insurance fee
  • Meet with the OSA for a Pre-Departure Orientation

Checklist of Required Documents for INTERNSHIPS/RESEARCH ABROAD:

  • Complete Application Form (submitted online) (Link will be sent once you speak to the program coordinator)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Medical Form completed by a physician
  • Proof of Academic Credit
  • $30 per 2 weeks and $50 per month for medical insurance, including political evacuation and natural disaster evacuation coverage, which is mandatory for all FIU students going abroad
  • * Please note that the Office of Study Abroad only accepts certified bank checks and money orders paid to the order of “FIU.”

Contact for more information:

Ariana Arguello
Office of Study Abroad
Florida International University
11200 SW 8th Street MMC, SASC 230 Miami, 33199
Phone: 305-348-1913 Fax: 305-348-1941