Getting Started

Applying as an Exchange Student (general procedure and list of partners)

In order to participate in the International Student Exchange Program at FIU, you need to be a student at one of our partner institutions.

[Please click here to see if your university is on the list of FIU partner institutions.] If your school is on the list, the first step is to contact the Office of International Relations or Study Abroad at your home university. If you are not sure how to contact them, email our office at and we will provide you with contact information.
Most institutions will require that you apply to participate in the exchange program.
If you are accepted by your home institution to participate, the Coordinator at your home institution will tell you how to apply for the exchange program and will provide you with the

FIU International Student Exchange application form.
All applications for the International Student Exchange Program must be sent to the
FIU Office of Study Abroad (OSA) by the Coordinator of the partner institution.
Applications sent by individual students will not be reviewed.
Once you apply, the OSA will work with you to make sure you submit all necessary documents to the university and to prepare you for your arrival, including providing visa documentation. The OSA will also register you for classes.

About FIU

Florida International University is one of the largest universities in the United States, and it is Miami’s only public research university. Despite its short history (40 years), FIU has quickly gained prominence in many different fields. Offering over 200 programs of study, FIU is truly worlds ahead.

FIU is made up of two campuses in Miami-Dade County. The main campus, Modesto A. Maidique Campus (MMC), is located in Southwest Miami on the site of what was once an airport. The MMC campus houses the majority of FIU’s academic programs and residence hall facilities.

The second campus, Biscayne Bay Campus (BBC), is located in North Miami near the city of Aventura. BBC is home to the School of Journalism and Communications and the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, as well as other academic programs. Many courses from departments based at MMC are also offered at BBC, but the majority of courses in Journalism and Mass Communications and Hospitality are offered only at BBC.
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About Miami

Located in South Florida, Miami has a flair of its own compared to the rest of the United States. It has people from all over the world, and it has a heavy Latin influence which is evident in language, food, music, and culture. Miami is a large urban center, and it is made up of several neighborhoods and surrounding cities. Spending time in our city is a multi-cultural experience!

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FAQs for Inbound Exchange Students

How do I apply to FIU as an exchange student?

In order to participate in the International Student Exchange Program at FIU, you need to be a student at one of our partner institutions. To inquire about attending FIU as an international exchange student, please visit the exchange coordinator at your home university.

What if my university is not on the list of partner institutions?

At this time, FIU is able to review and accept applications for the exchange program for students who are coming to us from institutions with which we have an active exchange agreement in place. If you are not at a partner institution but are interested in attending FIU for a full degree program, please visit the international student section of the admissions website at

Do I have to pay tuition at FIU?

Exchange students pay tuition and fees at their home institution and receive a tuition waiver at FIU. The only fees that you will need to pay at FIU are for Housing, health insurance, and your student ID card. If you choose to purchase a meal plan, you will need to pay for that as well.

What classes can I take during my exchange at FIU?

All open undergraduate courses available to international exchange students. As part of the application process, students are required to obtain approval from their academic advisor at their home institution.

Do I need to register for classes?

No, the Office of Study Abroad will enroll you in your courses. We will do our best to enroll you in your top choices, but we suggest that you obtain approval for alternate courses just in case.

When should I choose my classes?

The deadline for submitting Course Registration Forms for the Fall Semester is July 15th, while the deadline for the Spring Semester is October 15th. The Class Schedules for the Fall and Spring semesters typically become available in early July, so be sure to make an appointment to meet with your advisor at your home institution at this time in order to have the available courses approved.

How do I receive credit at my home institution for the classes I take at FIU?

As part of our exchange agreement, we will send one original FIU transcript for you to your home institution. Your home institution will process these transcripts and award you credit accordingly.

I have family/friends/my own apartment in Miami. Am I still required to live on campus

Yes, as per university policy, all international exchange students must live on campus. This not only facilitates travel to classes but also allows students to become engaged in campus life and to ensure student safety.

I already have health insurance. Am I still required to purchase the health insurance policy required by FIU?

Yes, per university policy, all international exchange students are required to purchase the health insurance policy that is required by FIU as it meets all medical and emergency requirements as per your visa status here as a student.