Faculty Staff Resources for Study Abroad

Faculty Staff Resources

Florida International University seeks to increase the number of FIU students studying abroad each year.  FIU joined the Generation Study Abroad initiative of the Institute for International Education in April 2014, pledging to double our number of students who study abroad to 2020.

As a faculty member, why would you want to lead a study abroad program? Study abroad is a high-impact educational practice influencing a student’s personal, academic and professional journey in a positive and meaningful way.  In addition, it is an opportunity for you to teach in the Summer, whether or not your department has funds for summer teaching. 

The Office of Study Abroad works closely with faculty on study abroad programs and holds two annual meetings for faculty directors: a meeting in August before the beginning of the school year and an emergency procedures meeting in April. 

In the tab, please find the proposal packet forms and information for Study Abroad programs.    

The OSA welcomes any questions, suggestions, or concerns that you may have at this time. Please feel free to reach a member of our team at (305) 348-1913 or edabroad@fiu.edu, or visit us at the MMC Campus in SASC 230. We will gladly help ensure the successful development and implementation of your academic program abroad.