Application Timeline

February through April
  • Become familiarized with US Fulbright Grant availability by country
  • Select a country
  • Begin to design your project
  • Seek affiliations for project
  • Seek three individuals who will serve as references in your application process
  • Make initial contact with designated Foreign Language professor or native speaker for completion of part B of the Foreign Language Evaluation
April through May
  • Begin your online application and preliminary questions for the Fulbright program
  • Draft your CV/Personal Statement (narrative resume)
  • Draft your Statement of Proposed Research
  • Draft statement for Critical Language enhancement award (only if applicable)
  • Request affiliation letter from organization/institution abroad
May through June
  • Share drafts of research proposal, personal statement, and critical language enhancement statement with the OEA, faculty, and colleagues/peers for feedback
  • Complete the remainder of your online application, including entering all contact information for references
  • Contact references/follow up to ensure that required recommendations are submitted by July 15 (completed online)
  • Request all official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended
August 15 through August 22
  • Finalize all revisions for the personal statement and research proposal (upload online)
  • Complete part A of the Language Background Report (completed online)
  • Confirm submission of part B of the Language Evaluation (completed online)
August 22 through September 1
  • Confirm online submission of the following:
         Application Form
Statement of proposed study/research
Personal Statement/CV
Three references
Language Evaluation
Transcripts (official/sealed)
Letter of Affiliation
Language Evaluation
  • Campus Committee Reviews/Evaluates Applications
Late September through early October
  • Campus Committee Interviews Applicants
MID October
  • IIE pulls all applications


November through December
  • Applications reviewed by the National Screening Committees
January through May
  • Commissions and Embassies in host countries review applications
  • Late January—Notification letters are sent to applicants indicating whether they’ve been recommended to the host country
February through May
  • Foreign Scholarship Board reviews applications
March through June
  • Final selection letters are sent to awardees
June 2017
  • Pre-departure Orientations in Washington, DC
July 2017 through March 2018
  • Fellowships abroad must begin