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FIU Global Affairs

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Welcome to FIU Global Affairs – YOUR hub to the world. FIU is recognized as a global leader for international scholarship and engagement. Provost Kenneth G. Furton created FIU Global Affairs with the belief that each FIU student and scholar benefits from exposure to some type of international learning opportunity, whether through academic programs, activities or experiences. The mission of FIU Global Affairs is to serve as a catalyst to YOUR international engagement with different academics, people, cultures, languages, customs, perspectives and issues.

FIU Global Affairs, under the auspices of the Office of Faculty & Global Affairs, offers you the keys that open doors to the full range of possibilities to myriad international educational institutions and initiatives. Explore our map to see the partners and programs that form part of the strategic worldwide network of FIU.

FIU Global Affairs unites dedicated teams who share resources, tools and knowledge to enhance FIU’s capacity to bring active understanding, advice, guidance and value to your international study, research, activities and aspirations. The Office of Study Abroad, International Student and Scholar Services as well as The English Language Institute are committed to supporting you at home, abroad, in the classroom, as you grow into global citizens of the 21st century who are uniquely Worlds Ahead.

In January 2016, our Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative was recognized with the 2016 IIE Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education. The award distinguishes our Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative as a best practice for successful campus internationalization. Since 2010, Global Learning for Global Citizenship has engaged every undergraduate in multiple global learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, enabling our diverse student body to work together to analyze and address complex global problems. Over 142,000 students have completed global learning courses thus far, and careful assessment studies demonstrate that these have significantly increased our students’ global awareness, perspective, and engagement.